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2014-15 Lecture Series

Environmental History & Sustainability

dmund Russell, Univ. of Kansas
"Coevolutionary History”
October 14, Forum Room, 3:30-5 pm

This talk will explore ways in which people have shaped the traits of non-human populations, and how changing those traits has circled back to change human experience.

Lisa Sideris, 
Indiana University 
“Contested Wonder:  Environmental Ethics and the New Cosmology”
November 18, Forum Room, 3:30-5 pm

This talk will examine a constellation of movements referred to as the New Story/Universe Story/Epic of Evolution/Big History--forms of science-based ecospirituality that have emerged in recent decades.

Tarynn Witten, VCU
"Is it Complicated or is it Complex?  A Complexity Theorist Takes on Sustainability"
February 25, Richmond Salons I, 3:30-5 pm 

This talk will review the history of biological thought present some examples of how complexity theory can be used to explain biological and biomedical phenomena that neither reductionist or systems approaches can explain and we will then examine what complexity theory can tell us about sustainability.

Carolyn Finney, UC Berkeley
"Crying the Bones, Singing the Bones: Environmental History, Race, and Dreaming into the Future"
April 10, 1100 Academic Learning Commons, 5:30-7:00 pm

This talk will discuss how we have much in the "bones" of our past related to the environment and race that we mourn and cry about. Also, Dr. Finney will look at historical and contemporary events to talk about sustainability, science, and what she calls "radical imaginings."


Upcoming Lecture

Edmund Russell

"Coevolutionary Historyā€¯

October 14, 2014