Race, Ethnicity and Medicine Lecture Series

MARIE JENKINS SCHWARTZ, Associate Professor of History, University of Rhode island 

"Birthing a Slave: Motherhood and Medicine in the Antebellum South"
For more information on Dr. Schwartz's book, click hereWednesday, October 27th.


KIETH WAILOO, Martin Luther King Professor of History, Rutgers University

 "How Cancer Crossed the Color Line: Race and Disease in America"
For more information on Dr. Wailoo, who is the Director for the Center for Race and Ethnicity at Rutgers University, click hereThursday, November 15th.


CHARLENE GILBERT, Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, University of Toledo

 "Colored Bodies: Henrietta Lacks and the Ethics of HeLa Cell Medicine"  For more information about Ms. Gilbert's film, click here. For more information about Ms. Gilbert as the Director of the Catherine S. Eberly Center for Woman at Rutgers University, click hereFriday, February 29th. 


VANESSA NORTHINGTON GAMBLE, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

 "The Desegregation of Southern Medical Education: Edith Irby Goes to Medical School." For more information about Dr. Gamble, click here.  Friday, March 28th.


TROY DUSTER, Professor of Sociology, New York University

 "A Post-Genomic Surprise: The Molecular Reinscription of Race in Clinical Medicine and Forensic Science." For information about Dr. Duster's work and interests, click here.  Thursday, April 10th.