2010-2011 Genetics, Health, and Public Policy

"Animal Models: History, Problems, and Prospects"

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2011
VCU School of Nursing
(1100 East Leigh St, Younger Auditorium, Room 1009)


Dr. Jim Endersby, Senior Lecturer, Cambridge University

Jim Endersby is a graduate of the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University. He is the author of A Guinea Pig's History of Biology: The Animals and Plants who Taught Us the Facts of Life (Harvard University Press, 2007).


Dr. William Talbot, Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

William Talbot's Pioneering work in genetic approaches to understanding nerve transmission in zebrafish received a Pew Scholars Award in the Biomedical Sciences and was recognized by the Rita Allen Foundation. He is a member of Stanford's "Bio-X" interdisciplinary research team.


Dr. Paul B. Fisher, Professor, VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine

Paul Fisher trained in mammalian genetics at Rutgers University, and has carried out groundbreaking research in the identification and validation of genes involved in tumor growth and suppression. His discoveries have led to novel therapeutic strategies that are being pursued for various types of cancer.


Introductory Remarks by

Dr. John Clore, Professor, VCU Center for Clinical and Translational Research