Bioethics in Practice: Lab, Courtroom and Clinic

February 21, 2011

Please click Teacher Development Workshop on Bioethics to download the Workshop Resource Booklet, which contains case studies and print & web resources for teachers on genetics in society and bioethics.

Workshop Agenda

Click the video link in each session to view the video and PowerPoint for each presentation.

Video: Rader_Powers_Intro [forthcoming]

Bioethics, Genetics & Genetic Counseling
Instructors: Joann Bodurtha & Heather Creswick (Dept. of Human and Molecular Genetics, VCU School of Medicine)

Video: Bodurtha_Creswick_Genetic.Counseling [forthcoming]

Genetics in Public Policy
Instructors: Marian Moser Jones (School of Government and Public Affairs, Dept. of Political Science and STS Program)

Video: Jones_Public.Policy [forthcoming]

Debating Exercises
Instructors: Brianna Mezuk (Dept. of Epidemiology, VCU School of Medicine)

Video: Mezuk_Debating.Exercises [forthcoming]

Workshop Description:

This teacher development workshop will examine the types of bioethical problems that have arisen in modern society with the advent of biomedicine, genetics, and related technologies. The workshop instructors are VCU faculty who face the issues that arise from genetic technology in their professional practice and study its impact on society. They will discuss the uses and limits of genetic knowledge within the contexts of law, genetic counseling, and public health & policy. The workshop will focus on classroom strategies and exercises designed to integrate bioethics into the life sciences and biology curricula. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to examine and debate relevant case studies and share their own classroom experiences. Each participant will also receive with a booklet outlining all of the case studies and exercises presented by the instructors. All of the the material presented is intended to help teachers fulfill the Virginia SOL requirements in the life sciences and biology.

Bioethics in Practice: Lab, Courtroom and Clinic [pdf]