The Maintainers: Revaluing Essential Work in an Age of Innovation-Speak

Our age is obsessed with innovation. Innovation is thought to be the goal of business, policy-making, philanthropy, education, even play. Yet, the vast majority of human activity aims not at creating or adopting innovative things but in maintaining old ones. While our society celebrates Innovators, the simple truth is that most of us are Maintainers.

In this talk Dr. Vinsel traces how Americans have talked about maintainers and innovators over the last 70 years. Is innovation being celebrated at the cost of maintenance? And has our esteem for these activities changed across time? Dr. Vinsel also explores what these changes mean for modern engineering and STEM education and how our regard for maintenance and innovation deserves to be reevaluated.

Wednesday, March 14
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

University Commons
Richmond Salons I-II

Headshot of Lee Vinsel