Medical Humanities Minor

The Medical Humanities minor seeks to provide students who have academic interests in the health sciences with an enriched curriculum which addresses the non-scientific aspects of professional health care training.  The core courses from History/English, Art History, and Philosophy cultivate competencies -- in observation, analysis, empathy, and self-reflection -- that are essential for humane medical care.  The elective courses, drawn from a wide variety of scholarly fields in the humanities, illuminate the social and cultural contexts that frame understandings and experiences of health and illness.

The minor in medical humanities consists of 18 credits in courses that address the nonscientific aspects of professional health care training. To achieve the minor, students must complete each of the following courses:

ARTH 361

The Human Condition: An Arts Perspective


PHIL 213

Ethics and Health Care


SCTS 301/ENGL 369

Illness Narratives


Core I: History of science, technology and medicine


Select one of the following:


HIST 389

History in Film: ____ (science film topics only)



Revolutions in Science I



Revolutions in Science II



Genetics and Society: 1865 to the Present



History of Medicine and Public Health: ____


SCTS 300

Introduction to Science and Technology Studies


Core II: Cross-cultural and diversity perspectives that impact health care


Select one of the following:



Global Women's Health


AFAM 310

African American Health: Health Disparities


ANTH 301/BIOL 341

Human Evolution


ANTH 391

Topics in Anthropology (medical anthropology topic only)



Women Writers



Queer Literature


GSWS 392

Women's Health Care Across the Life Span


WRLD 220

Human Rights and Literature


Core III: Psych-social dimensions of healing and caregiving


Select one of the following:


HCMG 300

Health Care Organization and Services


PSYC 304

Life Span Developmental Psychology


PSYC 308

Stress and its Management


PSYC 412

Health Psychology



Gender in Society


SOCY 445

Medical Sociology


Total Hours



To see the medical humanities courses being offered during upcoming academic term, please click here <Fall 2017 Medical Humanities courses>.

Medical Humanities Minor students who take a substitute course (i.e., a course approved for credit, which is not a regular medical humanities course), please fill out a course substitution form, which can be found here:  Medical Humanities Minor: Course Substitution Form. These forms will be only  be processed one time near the beginning and and one time near  the end of every regular semester (so roughly in mid-January, mid-May, mid- August, and early December).  If you are graduating and do not have on your Degreeworks a processed necessary substitution for the minor, please email MHU Advisor Dr. John Powers ( or HIST advisor Jared Johnson ( so that  it can be requested from Office of Student Services as soon as possible -- but at least one month  before your graduation application is due.

Students who are interested in adding the Medical Humanities Minor, may find a “Change of Concentration/ Major Form” here.  Please remember that students who add the Medical Humanities Minor are required to meet with Dr. Rader or Dr. Powers in person for advising within 60 days of adding the minor.

For more information or to set up an advising meeting, please contact Dr. Karen Rader ( or Dr. John Powers (

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