MHU Minor Courses

Minor Courses

(Includes all possible approved elective substitutions listed) (Updated 3/19/19)

For full minor requirements, visit the Medical Humanities Minor page.

To the best of the MHU minor leadership team’s knowledge and research as of the date listed above, these webpages represent a list of courses that would count (with all approved substitutions listed) towards credit for the medical humanities minor being offered in summer and fall 2019. It is the student’s responsibility to check the schedule of classes to see how these courses fit with their own (i.e., class days and times) and with their overall curriculum plan. Please consult with your major adviser for your overall curriculum plan. If you decide to take a class listed below as a SUBSTITUTION, you must inform Ryan O’Hallahan ( or Dr. Shively Meier ( immediately to acquire a waiver for DegreeWorks. If you do not take this step, the course will not count towards the minor.

SIMPLY BECAUSE ALL OF THESE CLASSES ARE BEING OFFERED DOES NOT MEAN MEDICAL HUMANITIES MINORS ARE GUARANTEED A SEAT IN THEM. Register as soon as possible for the courses you want and/or need to earn your minor to avoid having to apply for an override into a full class. Certain classes, such as SOCY 445, require instructor approval, while other courses, such as ANTH 301 are very difficult to obtain seats in because they go to BIO majors first. If you are a junior or a senior with a medical humanities minor already on file with the College of Humanities and Sciences Office of Student Services, then STS and the History Department (via advising) can work with you to help you get the classes you need before graduation. But in order for this to work, you MUST contact medical humanities adviser Ryan O’Hallahan ( as soon as possible to let him know your desired courses. Do not wait. Finally, know that faculty members in the offering departments ultimately have final say on issues such as enrollments and overrides into all courses listed.

Important Contacts

  • Medical Humanities Adviser: Ryan O'Hallahan, (medical humanities advising, substitutions/questions)
  • STS Associate Director: Dr. Kathryn Shively Meier, (substitutions/questions)
  • Your major department's adviser: Your contact for overall curricular planning